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Fran’s Story

Carer for her Father-in-Law, Fran talks about how Nightingale made a real difference to her:

When my Father-in-law had to have a Catheter fitted, I knew nothing about it. The District Nurses who set him up just did it and left us with few drainage bags. It was a Bank Holiday weekend and I realised we didn’t have enough bags to last. I was moaning about it in a local coffee shop and the girl who owned the shop mentioned our neighbour worked for Nightingale.

I got in contact and he came over to show us how to properly set everything up. He gave us all of the correct products and showed us how to use them. He asked us why we had the bags just lying on the floor, we said we didn’t know what else to do so he gave us his demo stand then and there! How do you know what you’re supposed to have if no-one tells you? We didn’t have Retaining Straps, a Night Bag Stand or Disposal Bags, we’d just been left to figure it out!

The GP was very happy just to leave us without so I decided I didn’t want their service.

“I wanted Nightingale and we haven’t looked back.”

We’re so grateful for our disposal bags and our wet wipes and the fact that our carer can ring on our behalf. It’s not like a normal supplier-customer relationship, it’s like you actually care.

“Right from the start you’ve cared about us and that’s carried on.”

When you have a relative with dementia or frailty and a catheter too, you have so much going on, and Nightingale makes it easy for us. If we’ve got a question or concern we wouldn’t have any hesitation in calling. I’ve even posted about how much Nightingale made a difference on a Dementia Carers UK Facebook Group, about how you guys made such a huge difference.

“My advice to anyone struggling, is to use Nightingale and make sure you have all the equipment you need!”

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Fran’s Story

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